Scientist’s New Theory on Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder that causes ulcerations in the small and large intestines. “Conventional wisdom” has been that it is somehow linked to an over-active immune system. However, Traditional Naturopaths have long believed that natural reinforcement of the immune system is in order. Now, the Allopathic community appears to be “coming around” as well.

New Theory on Crohn’s Disease

“Dr. Alistair Forbes, medical director of the gut disorder organisation Core, told the BBC News website the work was ‘very exciting’ and consistent with other pieces of work which suggested Crohn’s was linked to a weak immune response. He said: ‘The cause of Crohn’s remains unknown, and although there are genetic factors, it is quite clear they don’t explain the whole thing. Crohn’s is clearly related to the bacterial flora in the gut, but how is not clear at all. There are several pieces of information that suggest Crohn’s is linked to an abnormality of the immune response, rather than an excessive one in the first instance.'”

However, they are still looking toward treatment with a drug, rather than natural means to stimulate immune system strength.

Flu Drugs Rendered Ineffective

Fact one: Drugs are artificial substances created by man to mask symptoms, or, in some cases, to alleviate symptoms. Fact two: Artificially fighting flu viruses with drugs can cause the virus to mutate and become resistant to the drug. Fact three: This leads to stronger more dangerous viruses that can more easily overcome weakened human immune systems.

Flu Drugs Ineffective Against Flu

I find it interesting that these scientists said that they were “shocked” that the flu drugs they trust in so highly were now ineffective! They, themselves, have been saying for years that this would happen, and now they are surprised that it has? I wonder.

“‘We were absolutely shocked at the findings,’ said Rick A. Bright, an immunologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ‘This renders this class of drugs useless for influenza for now and for the foreseeable future. We don’t expect this to go away any time soon, especially as other countries use it in over-the-counter formulations.’

Others said the news was not so shocking, given the propensity of bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics. ‘We see emerging resistance to antibiotics, so it’s not surprising to see viral resistance,’ said Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.”

Both viruses and bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics. Deconstructing the word “antibiotics” reveals that it means “anti” (“against”), “bio” (“life”)… it is designed to kill. They want it to kill bacteria and viruses that cause disease, but it kills indiscriminately. It also kills good flora in the intestinal tract necessary for proper digestion. Must of what is called “acid reflux disease” can be traced to overuse of antibiotics killing intestinal flora. If you are in this boat, one approach would be to replenish these helpful bacteria. Of course, this is only one of many reasons for such digestion issues. The bottom line is that drugs are NOT a panacea! It is far better to naturally improve your health by strengthening your immune system. This is the naturopathic approach.

Make YOURSELF more resistant to disease, instead of making disease more resistant to drugs!

ADHD Drugs Now Have Warnings!

What I am about to say, is… humbly, my opinion. But, that’s what Blogs are about, right? Let’s set it up this way. Big Pharma (large drug companies) have an agenda… to sell drugs. Yeah, obvious, I know. But, their goal is sell as many drugs as possible. Some time back they decided that if they could sell a lot of drugs with “X” number of diseases, then “X+more” diseases would allow them to sell more drugs! So, I believe, they started coming up with “conditions” and “tendencies” and “syndromes” that their drugs treated. Cancer is a REAL disease. It is organically demonsratable. So is a virus. But some “conditions” are “emotionally based” and some “syndromes” are seen only through “behaviors.” So, if you figet and have a hard time maintaining your attention… it may be a “disease!” Now, I CAN’T say that ADHD is one of these “created” diseases. I simply don’t know. However, they long ago prescribed drugs to folks … and drugs are ALWAYS dangerous! However, NOW these ADHD drugs are killing some people. Ooops! Now, the FDA is requiring Big Pharma to post warnings on their precious drugs! THAT might cut into sales! Maybe.

Warnings Advised on ADHD Drugs

“A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Thursday narrowly voted to recommend putting the strongest type of warning possible on widely prescribed stimulant drugs for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

The FDA had asked the committee to consider what types of studies could be used to look at whether the drugs, which include Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin, Methylin, Metadate and Concerta, increase the risk of sudden death, heart attacks or strokes.

An FDA report released prior to the meeting said that 25 children and adults had died suddenly from 1999 to 2003 after taking ADHD drugs.

Doctors wrote more than 31 million prescriptions last year for stimulant ADHD drugs, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical information company. ”

31 million prescriptions!!! Wow! That’s a lot of profit! And, unfortunately, a lot of consequences from un-natural drugs damaging the health of “patients.” It is a shame.

Candy That is Good for Your Teeth

As we know, candy that contains sugar is very bad for teeth. It promotes the bacteria that attack teeth. But one recent study indicates that there is a “candy” that is actually good for your teeth – licorice!

Licorice Good for Teeth

“Licorice has a possible benefit “for promoting oral health with licorice extracts,” Shi told Reuters. Still he warned that more research is needed before anyone should take up chewing licorice as a way to prevent cavities.

But just because we should wait, it doesn’t mean Shi has to. He and his team are currently developing sugar-free lollipops that contain the active component in licorice which could be used to promote oral health in kids and seniors. Preventing cavities never tasted so sweet!

The study findings were published in the Journal of Natural Products.”

Black Currants may help Alzheimers

The Black Currant is an herb occasionally found wild in damp woods as far north as the middle of Scotland, but is considered to be a true native only in Yorkshire and the Lake District – when found apparently wild in other parts of the country, its presence is due to the agency of birds. It is easily distinguished at all seasons by the strong perfume of its buds and leaves. The Black Currant herb has been studied recently with regard to Alzheimers:

Black Currant and Alzheimers

Black currants contain anthocyanins and polyphenolics, antioxidant compounds that pack a potent protective effect on neuronal cells against stressors caused by dopamine and amyloid-b, the peptide associated with Alzheimer’s.

These compounds protect a patient from Alzheimer’s at the cellular level early on by influencing gene expression in learning and memory that benefits cell signaling pathways and, subsequently, communication between neuronal cells, according to researchers.

Why Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Heart

Research indicates that eating some forms of dark chocolate is actually good for your heart. But, why?

Dark Chocolate Benefits

“…Researchers may have pinpointed the reason for those benefits, based on their analysis of the health of the Kuna Indians of Panama who consume three to four cups of flavanol-rich cocoa daily.

One of these flavanols — epicatechin — was responsible for those vascular benefits the Kuna Indians experienced when they drank certain cocoas. Among those benefits:

  • Higher levels of nitric oxide in the blood, demonstrating the flavanols were absorbed into, and present in, the bloodstream.
  • Patients with high levels of epicatechin experienced improved circulation.
  • Consuming pure epicatechin had almost the same effect as eating flavanol-rich cocoa.
  • Double the Vitamin B12 to Go, Please!

    Natural Health advocates have known for a LONG time that the government’s RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) dietary guidelines are more like the “Recommended absolute minimums to stay alive”… not, to remain healthy. Now, research is proving us right (again!)

    Double the Vitamin B12

    “Vitamin B-12 is essential for maintaining healthy nerve cells and red blood cells; a deficiency in the vitamin can cause symptoms ranging from the subtle — including fatigue and mild dizziness — to more severe complications like nerve damage, anemia and even dementia.

    Though the typical Western diet provides people with far more than the current RDA for B-12, certain individuals are at risk for a deficiency.

    Unlike most vitamins, B-12 occurs naturally only in animal products, including meat, poultry, fish and, in lesser amounts, eggs and dairy. So vegetarians and vegans — who avoid all animal products, including dairy — may have low stores of the vitamin.

    The same is true of adults older than 50, as many have a thinning in the stomach lining that prevents the proper release of digestive acids. Stomach acids are essential for ‘shaking loose’ vitamin B-12 from its food source, allowing it to be absorbed. So older adults are advised to get their B-12 from pills and fortified foods like cereal; the synthetic version of the vitamin is more readily absorbed than the natural form.”

    I disagree, of course, with that last statement. Natural vitamins are better absorbed, as long as accompanied by natural enzymes. So, good, whole, raw organic food is best.

    The North Carolina Naturopathic Physicians Registration Act

    There are two bills (one in the Senate, one in the House) in North Carolina that are called the “Naturopathic Physicians Registration Act.” These bills are very bad news for Naturopaths and people that care about Health Care Freedom in North Carolina. Why? For the full story, check this web site (which I also designed):

    Classical Naturopathy Web Site

    Why license traditional Naturopathic Practitioners at all? Haven’t Traditional Naturopaths been teaching wellness for many, many years without licensure? Well, there are two main “drivers” for such licensure among the states considering it (like North Carolina.)

    One, an organization, founded and primarily composed of one group of so-called “Naturopathic Physicians” have been attempting to “stir up” U.S. state legislatures with “dire warnings” of the practices of “unlicensed health practitioners.” They cite examples of so-called “Naturopaths” that have recommended that individuals go off their insulin, or other medications, with, of course, tragic consequences. They incite fear and use the good will of men and women in positions of influence in state governments to “drum up” the call for licensure. The second reason stipulated as a driver for licensure is to “controlâ€? the practice of Naturopathy because the advocates of licensure liken Naturopathy to Medical Practice. Which, by definition, Naturopathy IS NOT!

    But what is the real reason the these so-called “Naturopathic Physiciansâ€? are doing this? In my persoanl opinion it is to “co-opt” the term “Naturopath,” “ND,” and “Naturopathic” as their own… to the exclusion of classical, and traditional definitions of Naturopathy. This group, led by an organization called the “AANP” (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) go from state to state, and, in so many words, say that THEY are, in fact, the only TRUE Naturopaths, and that THEY are the ones that should define what Naturopathy is. This has led many states to acquiesce to their demands and one-sided proclamations and pass laws that, in effect, “shut out” the Traditional Naturopath from using the term “Naturopath,” or “ND,” when referring to themselves. In effect, if one didn’t go to the AANP’s “approved school list,” then one can’t use the term “ND!”

    First, let’s examine some definitions. A “Naturopath” is historically simply a teacher of wellness, that by traditional definition DOES NOT use surgery, drugs, or other harsh, or invasive methodology in their consulting. In fact, the acknowledged founder of American Naturopathy, Dr. Benedict Lust, told Naturopaths, “Remember: Naturopaths are Doctors – minus Materia Medica and Surgery”. The “materia medica” Dr. Lust was referring to was prescription drugs. The AANP, and those of their ilk, have attempted to re-define Naturopathy to be a “poor man’s medicine” INCLUDING the use of surgery and prescribing drugs! If one wants to be an Allopathic Doctor (MD), then they should go to medical school and get an MD! It is folly to re-define the traditional, classic Naturopathic practices to include that which was never a part of the practice to begin with! They have begun calling themselves “NMDs” or Naturopathic Medical Doctors, and they wear white lab coats to help foster the notion that they are “medical men and women.” And they are attempting to re-define a traditional practice of teaching wellness, and are, at the same time, “cutting out the competition,” if you will, in one fell swoop!

    Unfortunately, on the surface, this plan to “steal” the term “Naturopathy” appears to be working! The Traditional Naturopath is a simple teacher of health practices and wellness, they are not organized and backed by large organization that are lobbying state legislatures… and they are being overrun!

    The AANP even has a special web site that lists how to approach state legislatures, gives “talking points” to introduce licensing (favorably) to them, and then proceeds to “educate” their people about getting a state to invoke licensure!

    Have there been extremes and bad advice given by so-called “Naturopaths” that has been a detriment to individuals in the past? Yes, of course. There are “bad apples” in any profession, and there are laws in place to deal with such problems. My heart (and prayers) go out to anyone that has received bad health information or counsel. However, the vast majority of Classical Naturopaths would NEVER counsel anyone to go off their medicines or go against a doctor’s advice! The common statement heard by reputable Naturopaths is to “check with your doctor about any recommendations made or supplements suggested.” Our tradition is non-evasive and is guided by the simple admonition of Hippocrates, “Above all do no harm.” This, from a man who was himself a true Naturopath. One that recommended nutritional therapies such as herbs to remedy conditions of sub-health.

    Now, let’s consider the question of using the term “ND.” An “ND” is one that has entered a field of study and earned a doctorate in the field of Classical Naturopathy. The AANP would assert that only their short list of “approved schools” (approved only by this one group) can award an “ND.” They have even set up their OWN accrediting organization to this end, the CNME. In this way, they are an “authority” unto themselves! This is the equivalent of, say, North Carolina State University suddenly declaring, “Only our BAs (Bachelor of Arts) are real degrees! Any other school is a sham!” If I had received a BA degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill… would I still have a “real” BA? (Of course I would!) What if NC State petitioned the NC Legislature to legally bar the use of the term “BA” by University of NC at Chapel Hill alumni? Oh, there would be a hew and cry! But in fact, simply because people such as the AANP have made an effort and have the financial backing that allow them to co-op the term “ND” to be theirs and theirs alone, and have misled well meaning legislators to support these efforts… they have helped pass laws that bar other legitimate school’s alumni from even using the term “ND” after their name, they have effectively “closed out” anyone that would claim an “ND” and practice Traditional Naturopathy! This is a shame, and is a sad turn of events!

    I, personally, am one of those that have studied Traditional Naturopathy and reject the idea that a Naturopath would EVER perform surgery, or prescribe medication. I have earned my Doctorate in Naturopathy from the Trinity College of Natural Health (not one of the AANP’s so-called “approved schools.”) I also have a Ph.D. in Theology, and I am a Certified Natural Health Professional. However, if the law pending in North Carolina is passed, I will be LEGALLY UNABLE to use the degree I have worked so hard to earn! By “use,” I mean I will be unable to use “ND” on a business card… and I am not even clear if I will be able to hang the degree on the wall of my home! This, in my opinion, is a tragic injustice to those of us who are studying the true, non-invasive, non-medical Traditional Naturopathy!

    Let your North Carolina Representatives hear that NC House Bill 1234 and NC Senate Bill 1025 are BAD legislation! And, refer them to the web site I listed above!

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