Flu Drugs Rendered Ineffective

Fact one: Drugs are artificial substances created by man to mask symptoms, or, in some cases, to alleviate symptoms. Fact two: Artificially fighting flu viruses with drugs can cause the virus to mutate and become resistant to the drug. Fact three: This leads to stronger more dangerous viruses that can more easily overcome weakened human immune systems.

Flu Drugs Ineffective Against Flu

I find it interesting that these scientists said that they were “shocked” that the flu drugs they trust in so highly were now ineffective! They, themselves, have been saying for years that this would happen, and now they are surprised that it has? I wonder.

“‘We were absolutely shocked at the findings,’ said Rick A. Bright, an immunologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ‘This renders this class of drugs useless for influenza for now and for the foreseeable future. We don’t expect this to go away any time soon, especially as other countries use it in over-the-counter formulations.’

Others said the news was not so shocking, given the propensity of bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics. ‘We see emerging resistance to antibiotics, so it’s not surprising to see viral resistance,’ said Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.”

Both viruses and bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics. Deconstructing the word “antibiotics” reveals that it means “anti” (“against”), “bio” (“life”)… it is designed to kill. They want it to kill bacteria and viruses that cause disease, but it kills indiscriminately. It also kills good flora in the intestinal tract necessary for proper digestion. Must of what is called “acid reflux disease” can be traced to overuse of antibiotics killing intestinal flora. If you are in this boat, one approach would be to replenish these helpful bacteria. Of course, this is only one of many reasons for such digestion issues. The bottom line is that drugs are NOT a panacea! It is far better to naturally improve your health by strengthening your immune system. This is the naturopathic approach.

Make YOURSELF more resistant to disease, instead of making disease more resistant to drugs!

ADHD Drugs Now Have Warnings!

What I am about to say, is… humbly, my opinion. But, that’s what Blogs are about, right? Let’s set it up this way. Big Pharma (large drug companies) have an agenda… to sell drugs. Yeah, obvious, I know. But, their goal is sell as many drugs as possible. Some time back they decided that if they could sell a lot of drugs with “X” number of diseases, then “X+more” diseases would allow them to sell more drugs! So, I believe, they started coming up with “conditions” and “tendencies” and “syndromes” that their drugs treated. Cancer is a REAL disease. It is organically demonsratable. So is a virus. But some “conditions” are “emotionally based” and some “syndromes” are seen only through “behaviors.” So, if you figet and have a hard time maintaining your attention… it may be a “disease!” Now, I CAN’T say that ADHD is one of these “created” diseases. I simply don’t know. However, they long ago prescribed drugs to folks … and drugs are ALWAYS dangerous! However, NOW these ADHD drugs are killing some people. Ooops! Now, the FDA is requiring Big Pharma to post warnings on their precious drugs! THAT might cut into sales! Maybe.

Warnings Advised on ADHD Drugs

“A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel on Thursday narrowly voted to recommend putting the strongest type of warning possible on widely prescribed stimulant drugs for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

The FDA had asked the committee to consider what types of studies could be used to look at whether the drugs, which include Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin, Methylin, Metadate and Concerta, increase the risk of sudden death, heart attacks or strokes.

An FDA report released prior to the meeting said that 25 children and adults had died suddenly from 1999 to 2003 after taking ADHD drugs.

Doctors wrote more than 31 million prescriptions last year for stimulant ADHD drugs, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical information company. ”

31 million prescriptions!!! Wow! That’s a lot of profit! And, unfortunately, a lot of consequences from un-natural drugs damaging the health of “patients.” It is a shame.

Candy That is Good for Your Teeth

As we know, candy that contains sugar is very bad for teeth. It promotes the bacteria that attack teeth. But one recent study indicates that there is a “candy” that is actually good for your teeth – licorice!

Licorice Good for Teeth

“Licorice has a possible benefit “for promoting oral health with licorice extracts,” Shi told Reuters. Still he warned that more research is needed before anyone should take up chewing licorice as a way to prevent cavities.

But just because we should wait, it doesn’t mean Shi has to. He and his team are currently developing sugar-free lollipops that contain the active component in licorice which could be used to promote oral health in kids and seniors. Preventing cavities never tasted so sweet!

The study findings were published in the Journal of Natural Products.”

Former General Warns of Eroding Healthcare Freedom in the US

There are many efforts afoot to curtail our healthcare freedoms. That is why I try to report here when I find these efforts are gaining ground. I have been aware of the European Union’s Codex Alimentarius for some time, but this article covers it quite well!

Former General Warns About Loss of Health Freedoms

“Some of the points made during their interview (of General Stubblebine) are:

– Codex Alimentarius requires that all meats, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables must be irradiated by Dec. 31, 2009.

– Codex Alimentarius requires that all dairy cattle are to be given Monsanto bovine growth hormone by Dec. 31, 2009.

– Codex Alimentarius reclassifies vitamin and mineral supplements as toxins and dramatically limits their dosage and availability.

– Many nations have already harmonized their laws with Codex Alimentarius making it their de facto law. This has already been approved by the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and others.

– Codex Alimentarius allows significant trade sanctions to be levied against noncompliant nations.

General Stubblebine remarked, ‘This is a developing situation that every health conscious American should be aware of. The implementation of Codex Alimentarius is quietly going forward without the participation of the American public. Americans need to be involved if they want to insure that the choices they have today are here tomorrow’. Dr. Laibow agrees, she added, ‘Many of the changes that Codex Alimentarius requires are not in our best interest'”.

Black Currants may help Alzheimers

The Black Currant is an herb occasionally found wild in damp woods as far north as the middle of Scotland, but is considered to be a true native only in Yorkshire and the Lake District – when found apparently wild in other parts of the country, its presence is due to the agency of birds. It is easily distinguished at all seasons by the strong perfume of its buds and leaves. The Black Currant herb has been studied recently with regard to Alzheimers:

Black Currant and Alzheimers

Black currants contain anthocyanins and polyphenolics, antioxidant compounds that pack a potent protective effect on neuronal cells against stressors caused by dopamine and amyloid-b, the peptide associated with Alzheimer’s.

These compounds protect a patient from Alzheimer’s at the cellular level early on by influencing gene expression in learning and memory that benefits cell signaling pathways and, subsequently, communication between neuronal cells, according to researchers.

Protect Your Healthcare Freedoms in NC!

People often ask me what they can do to assure that we have the healthcare freedoms and choices to use complementary and alternative health modalities in North Carolina. Well, I have mentioned the House Bill (1303) that is in study committee right now, before. This bill is critical to assure our personal choice for healthcare remains open in North Carolina. I would strongly encourage you to join the NC Citizens for Healthcare Freedom to support their efforts to pass this bill! Membership is open and costs only $35.00, yet that goes a LONG way toward paying expenses, supporting a lobbyist for the cause, and assuring that our healthcare freedoms are preserved! Please consider joining CHF! I have a link to the membership form below:

CHF Membership Application (PDF Format)

Here’s their website link:

Citizens for Healthcare Freedom

Why Dark Chocolate is Good for Your Heart

Research indicates that eating some forms of dark chocolate is actually good for your heart. But, why?

Dark Chocolate Benefits

“…Researchers may have pinpointed the reason for those benefits, based on their analysis of the health of the Kuna Indians of Panama who consume three to four cups of flavanol-rich cocoa daily.

One of these flavanols — epicatechin — was responsible for those vascular benefits the Kuna Indians experienced when they drank certain cocoas. Among those benefits:

  • Higher levels of nitric oxide in the blood, demonstrating the flavanols were absorbed into, and present in, the bloodstream.
  • Patients with high levels of epicatechin experienced improved circulation.
  • Consuming pure epicatechin had almost the same effect as eating flavanol-rich cocoa.
  • Double the Vitamin B12 to Go, Please!

    Natural Health advocates have known for a LONG time that the government’s RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) dietary guidelines are more like the “Recommended absolute minimums to stay alive”… not, to remain healthy. Now, research is proving us right (again!)

    Double the Vitamin B12

    “Vitamin B-12 is essential for maintaining healthy nerve cells and red blood cells; a deficiency in the vitamin can cause symptoms ranging from the subtle — including fatigue and mild dizziness — to more severe complications like nerve damage, anemia and even dementia.

    Though the typical Western diet provides people with far more than the current RDA for B-12, certain individuals are at risk for a deficiency.

    Unlike most vitamins, B-12 occurs naturally only in animal products, including meat, poultry, fish and, in lesser amounts, eggs and dairy. So vegetarians and vegans — who avoid all animal products, including dairy — may have low stores of the vitamin.

    The same is true of adults older than 50, as many have a thinning in the stomach lining that prevents the proper release of digestive acids. Stomach acids are essential for ‘shaking loose’ vitamin B-12 from its food source, allowing it to be absorbed. So older adults are advised to get their B-12 from pills and fortified foods like cereal; the synthetic version of the vitamin is more readily absorbed than the natural form.”

    I disagree, of course, with that last statement. Natural vitamins are better absorbed, as long as accompanied by natural enzymes. So, good, whole, raw organic food is best.

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