High Fiber Diet and Your Colon

In a story that makes me say, “Well, we could have told you that!” WebMD has a note about the benefits of a high fiber diet and colon disease.

High-Fiber Diet Linked to Lower Colon Cancer Risk – Research Shows Fiber From Whole Grains and Cereals Associated With Reduced Colon Cancer Risk

“Nov. 10, 2011 — Eating a high-fiber diet is linked with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, according to new research that analyzed 25 different studies.

Total fiber intake, as well as fiber from whole grains and from cereals, was most strongly linked with a reduction in colorectal cancer risk, the researchers say.

The evidence was weaker for fiber from fruits, vegetables, and legumes, says study researcher Dagfinn Aune, a research associate at Imperial College London.

‘It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat your fruits and vegetables,’ he tells WebMD. He found fewer studies on the impact on colon cancer risk of fiber from fruits, vegetables, and legumes than studies looking at the other foods, he says. ‘It’s possible that we did not have enough statistical power.’

He says, too, that the study looked only at the effect of fiber.

Overall, the link found between fiber intake and risk reduction was small. Aune’s team found a 10% risk reduction in colorectal cancer for each 10 grams of fiber eaten a day. However, the more fiber people ate, the more risk reduction was found.”

Natural health practitioners have long known the benefits of fiber from natural foods, and the impact that they can have on colon health. For instance check out the recent article on psyllium for more information.

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